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There’s a great piece of music by Billy Mayerl called Wisteria, it’s a perfect depiction in sound of this fantastic plant – it’s just coming into bloom, lilac sprays all over and utterly glorious in the sunshine. It’s also very heavy and quite rapidly destroying the trellis that’s supposed to be supporting it – more the other way round now.

Not sure what to do with it, can’t possibly cut it down, it’s far too beautiful and a real centrepiece to the garden.

June (well, May) is busting out all over, including the slugs. Copper tape and wool pellets are not working, having some success with crushed eggshells however, courtesy of a mammoth baking session the other day. They have to be crushed else Clifford (TBRD) pinches them to eat. He’s not too bright.


Home Sweet Home

It’s good morning from the happy homestead – a growing collection of people, animals and plants in the frozen wastes of England. I don’t intend to put any political comment on here, that’s not what it’s for unless something really riles me. If you want politics try the New Statesman or Private Eye. They’re better at it and have had more experience.

This is all about home and what it means to us – home made (if possible – I like my clothes to look like clothes, not potato sacks and shoes are better left to the experts). Home grown – as much as possible, trying organic, not enough discipline for biodynamic. Home reared – particularly children, chickens, dogs and possibly ducks. 

Home cooked – always, catering cheaply for the masses on a limited budget (aren’t we all!) Cakes, stews, salads and seasonal. How do boys eat so much?