Monthly Archives: April 2015

Wool dyeing

Pretty pictures – recently dyed (and sold) skeins. At least the tribe has learnt a new word (skein) and I’ve learnt not to leave any where Clifford (T.B.R.D) can get near them. He’s of the opinion that the lawn needs further decoration with double knit wool, as do the shrubs, fence, rose bushes and wheelbarrow. Happily this was post lesson learned.



Rag rug T shirts

Good points – very cheap or free depending on family or charity shop sourced.

Bad points – Fluff. Everywhere.

Finished rug? Sometime later, this is tough on the fingers. Give me crochet lace any day although I suspect arthritis is somewhere in my future sadly.

UFO lists

The UFO – unfinished object list – is growing. Clothes for minor and minima, skirt for me, curtains, it’s all getting a bit much. So many good ideas and a lack of time to execute them which is really frustrating. Either a lack of time or bad organisation are leading to a conspicuous lack of progress. A solid hour of crochet last night during a rehearsal (I wasn’t involved, just being a taxi service) helped move the green silk shawl on a lot.

Another project or two

Nasty grey no more!

Nasty grey no more!

Here are some of the latest dyeing photos – dyeing started last year with an unfortunately snot coloured scarf, it’s now a slightly more attractive green but I still can’t bring myself to wear it due to the memory of its former state. One for the dressing up basket I suspect. Anyway – nasty grey potholders are now transformed with natural dyes, the turmeric in the middle is fabulously sunny.