Cooking is a chore

Here on the homestead we’ve tried most cooking methods, roasting, frying, boiling, slow cooking, meals-for-a-month, baking ad nauseam. So far so dull. Logistics of mealtimes are hard, the small army needs FOOD about 2 hours before DH appears so whatever it is has to be re-heatable, edible by the masses, mashable for baby, nutritionally balanced,  not the same as last night, not poisonous for Clifford (the big red dog) who will steal whatever he can and not too expensive. And yes, I’ve done 1001 interesting things with ground beef.

Not impressed with a cookbook I bought a while back, published by a venerable broadcasting organisation who should have read it. Advertised as “ways to feed your family cheaply and save time and money” I want to know where they shop to get avocado cheaply or lobster and trout on BOGOF!

Answers on a postcard please!



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